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I'm confused. In your first post you said
Originally Posted by mp183
Got a Nuvi 250w for my wife.
And now it's
Originally Posted by mp183
The Zumo is for the wife.
The less features for her the better in her opinion.
I don't think the Zumo quite fits the less features for her the better model, but it's your money.

Originally Posted by mp183
Now for as to what to get for me.
A Garmin 2610?
I need something cheap.
If I break or use it I won't be upset.
I will only use it when going off the beaten path.
Not interested in using it on the slab.
You don't say what bike you want to use this on or whether battery operation is important or what kind of maps might be useful.

That said, I'm not sure I could recommend a 2610 for off the beaten path use. It is quite a large unit and maybe more importantly, has not been produced by Garmin for at least a year or two. All that are available are refurbs and overstocks.

It main pluses (IMO) are a large screen, cheap common CompactFlash memory card use and a relatively low price. It used to come with a version of City Navigator on DVD and if you get a large enough memory card, you can load all of it and not have to use a computer again. At least for that.

It's primary minuses are its size, weight, a touch screen and no battery. Most folks find the touch screen a bit of a hassle with gloves on. If your bike doesn't have a battery then you need more stuff to make it work. Also, the USB interface is USB 1.1 and not that fast. Folks report have trouble loading large map sets.

Looking at the link you posted, it looks like this might be single track, real dirt bike stuff. If it is, then you are probably going to want a GPS that has a rugged offroad mounting system and maybe one that can operate on batteries, depending on your particular application. If it is just two-track and forest roads then maybe a RAM mount will suffice.

There are lots to choose from, but a Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx and a good mount from Touratech would be a good place to start. If you want a bigger screen, then look at a GPSMAP 276C or even swipe the wife's Zumo if that's what she really has. Be sure and get a good solid mount for your dirtbike. The 60Cx and 276C don't come with any maps so you'll need to get those seperately.

If you don't want or need auto-routing highway maps and all that goes with it, then maybe a copy of 'Topo' or 'US Recreational Lakes and Fishing Hotspots - East' map packages might be all you need. One advantage of either of these is that they show the rivers and streams and lakes. City Nav only shows the very large ones.

OTOH, the current version of City Nav V8 NT has an amazing amount of detail about forest roads and backcountry in general. You can go to the Garmin site and see what the coverage of various map packages is. This is especially useful if you are familar with an area already. Sometimes when you pop out of the backcountry, it's nice to know where the nearest gas station is.

Originally Posted by mp183
Thanks for all your help.
No problem. Always fun to help spend someone else's money.
Phil in Seattle, WA
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