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10/27/07 Ride

I'm looking at taking a group of guys out this weekend, if anyone is interested.

We'll start at Hemmingway, and take moderate double and single track back to the road to Reynolds. From there, those not comfortable with deep sand can take the road, and meet those of use who will be running in the creek bed at Black Mt. Rd.

We'll take Black Mt. Rd. (which is Jeep trail) to Silver City.

Those who need to bail at Silver City (for lack of energy of lack of time), can hit the highway back to Hemmingway. Rest of us will 'connect the dots' on single and double track back to Hemminway from Silver City road - these trails get gnarly at times.

To do this trip in it's entirety, you'll need 6-8 hours, and a fuel range of 80 miles. So... plan ahead, and bring fuel if you need it.

I recommend bringing at least a front tube for your bike (which can be used as a rear in an emergency). I also highly recommend you bring a GPS, so that if you get seperated from the group (which rarely happens), you know your way back in an emergency. I'll pack the equipment for changing the tire - but you need to have the tube. I'll also pack a 1st aid kit. Bring water if you need it.

This will not be big bike friendly. A 650 single is as large as I'd recommend (A KLR would feel heavy, but can do it pending a competent rider). I'll be on my XT550 (115 lbs lighter than my KLR). That being said, a good 990 rider could do it - that's your call to make. A V-Strom will be miserable.

I'd like to do this on Saturday, but am flexible to Sunday if needed.

Chime in if you'd like to go.

Disclaimer - I'm 100% certain that we'll get lost at least once during this ride. This will be a figure-it-out-as-you-go ride. If you're not okay with that, don't go. I've ridden a lot in this area - but that are dozens of different ways to connect the trails, and lots of ways to get of course.
Ride your own ride & enjoy your ride.

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