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my '99 adventure is almost totally stock (and i agree, the orange and blue ones are fun, if not as classy as the silver ones. but then i like bright colors-can ya tell??)

the only things i've added were the dual star weld-on side stand (highly NOT recommended), and i run IRC gp 110 "trail" tires-cheap and grippy in the dirt. i also got a happy trails rack, which i like a lot, and a set of ortleib waterproof saddlebags from aerostitch-these rock! they're a bit of a pain to open and close compared to zippers, but after one decent rain (or snow, on this last trip) i was really glad to have them. they're also DUST-proof, which is a big plus in our line of riding...

i tried EBC sintered metal rear pads, and they squaeked like crazy, and then the rear boiled over and blew a seal-any recommendations for rear pads?

my stock seat is presently disintegrating-i'll need to re-cover it soon (i have a sheepskin pad, which i also love)

i never wash my bike unless i have to do some maintenance. if i saw an adventure with no scratches and no dirt, i'd think that this is either a badass rider who never goes down and maintains his/her bike religiously, or a total poser...but never know which
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