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Originally Posted by arunan
my '99 adventure is almost totally stock (and i agree, the orange and blue ones are fun, if not as classy as the silver ones. but then i like bright colors-can ya tell??)

the only things i've added were the dual star weld-on side stand (highly NOT recommended), and i run IRC gp 110 "trail" tires-cheap and grippy in the dirt. i also got a happy trails rack, which i like a lot, and a set of ortleib waterproof saddlebags from aerostitch-these rock! they're a bit of a pain to open and close compared to zippers, but after one decent rain (or snow, on this last trip) i was really glad to have them. they're also DUST-proof, which is a big plus in our line of riding...
I understand Happy Trails has two varieties of soft pannier racks; one that mounts them off the rear fender (well back) and another version that covers the "number plates" (more forward.) It looks like you have the aft mounts, but can you clarify this?

my stock seat is presently disintegrating-i'll need to re-cover it soon (i have a sheepskin pad, which i also love)
I recovered mine, and did a Flanny-style recore mod. Amazing improvement in comfort. I haven't found a down side to the mod.

i never wash my bike unless i have to do some maintenance. if i saw an adventure with no scratches and no dirt, i'd think that this is either a badass rider who never goes down and maintains his/her bike religiously, or a total poser...but never know which

Same here!

I am trying to find a manual for our conventional 50mm forks. If you have one, are you up for scanning or copying it for me? Any suggestions on how to procure one? Any help is appreciated.
...its the best paint scheme that has ever been or ever will be on an Adv...-AussieRob
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