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Originally Posted by Ga. Grizz
My wife has a 350 or 360 ordered for me for my birthday and I am lost when it comes to techno stuff, I know I have a problem and am dealing with it. Surfing forums for info is as much time as I can take on a computer. I read you cant download routes into these which looks like a good feature but I would never do it anyway. So that is not a major issue. Does anyone have any time with these units on motorcycles, any tips on use or mounting would be great. Thanks for understanding my handicap.
I have a 350. You cannot download routes but you can download POI's or Points of Interest. By putting various POI's in combinations, you can simulate the actual route although still not as easy as planning your entire "route". Note that your Nuvi did not come with Mapsource as mine did but all you have to do is to send an email to Garmin Support and they will mail you whatever version your Nuvi currently uses free of charge. You have to first register your unit in My Garmin.

I bought a Ram Cradle for it and I have gone off road and superslab riding many times with it. If it starts to rain, simply slip a sandwich ziploc bag over it and pop it back into your Ram cradle. I also use a Amplirider amplifier so that I can listen to MP3 and GPS while riding with my er6i earphones. I just bought a 4 gig sd card for the Nuvi and so I can now load many more MP3's.

You will like the Nuvi although the 350 maybe more suitable for bike use due to it's smaller size.
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