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Originally Posted by Mack
After you have selected the "quote" or "reply" button, on the new page below the "submit reply" "Preview post" you will see another dialog box: "Manage Attachments." Click on this box, and a pop up window will appear allowing you to browse through the files on your computer, and select the one you want, then select upload. You should be good to go! (A kiwi once told me there wasn't anything worth taking pics of pics of in Austrailia. Guess he was wrong, after all you guys have KTM's down under. . )
Mack, the "Verbose Pontificator!" and closet computer geek has spoken.... heed his words well O Aussie dude, and take not the word of the Mack in vain lest ye be struck down by Creeper's avenging kitten of death.

On a lighter note, you got the Mikuni BST, or the cool and bitchen' Mikuni TMR? You have to go 1000km farther before someone will let you have the airbox mod?... Australia has strange ways of doing things, must be the below the equator thing.

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