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Pics from this weekend...

We met up at Denny's in the morning for some chow before we left.

Here's Phil giving you his better side.

This was originally more of a n00b invite - but since no n00bs showed up, I changed the route a bit, to include some more nasty terrain.

Allgonoshow, JimE, HeadingNorth, and myself head out. Phil is on his XL600,
I'm on the loaded KLR650, Jim is running light on his KLR, and Chris is on the KTM.

We went out Hemmingway, and went the back way into Slate Mt. Road. No pavement required. Here we are cutting across some single track (about 12-18'' wide) to get to our trail.

Yes - this is every bit as steep as it looks. I'd say it's about a 70 degree angle for part of this drop - very steep for the brief drop. Phil handled it well, dispite his unimpressed look I could see through the helmet.

After riding a river bed for a couple miles (yes, a deep sand river bed ) we came to Slate Mt. Rd.

The scenes were very nice. Fall colors were out in the high country, and the trail was fantastic. I was trying out some new hard luggage on my bike this weekend, and it took the beating of the trail much better than I anticipated.

I 'mentioned' to Phil that the trail would get rocky, but I'm sure he will tell you that I under-explained just how rocky it was going to get.

Chris cookin' it down the trail - which happened to be the stream.



Loose, deep, rock.

Hmmm.... I better make sure everyone gets up this safely.

Yep - all is well.

JimE flyin' up it.

After some intense terrain, we stoped for a break. Phil rolled off his bike, and slid into a mild coma. We rested for a while, and then took off for Silver City. Here we are sat some cabins that have been abandoned.

All ride long, Chris was harrasing Phil, encouraging him to fly over the handlebars so we could get a great shot of Phil doing a face plant. Ironically, Chris stalled it climinging a rock, and dropped his KTM 4 feet to the ground.

We parted ways with Chris at the Silver City junction, and JimE, HN, and I went up to Silver City via the old Murphy Rd (trail).

We hussled up there, and hung out in Silver City long enough to grab a snack, and head back to Murphy via Rabbit Creek Rd. We then hopped on the freeway and headed back. Total ride was around 110 miles, and took about 7 hrs. Good day.
Ride your own ride & enjoy your ride.

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