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Darn it all!!!! That looks like my kind of ride. I really am bummed I missed it. But, I had to stay home and take care of the family unit and score points for the next ride. I'm still waiting on the nerf bars from HT but, when they come in I'll be ready to "ride it like I stole it!!!". Or in other words keep up with RWC.

I did actually get to ride some dirt on the KLR this weekend. My neighbor who is recovering from a heart attack decided he wanted to go for a dirt bike ride. He is loading up his bike as I get home from church. He tells my wife that he is going by himself and my wife volunteers me to go with him to make sure he's safe. What a woman. Good thing I went along. We went out to Pleasant Valley so he could take it easy and we get about as far from the truck as you can and his bike dies. No spark, Nothin'. We tear the whole thing down and tried 3 plugs. You name it we tried it. Luckily a guy comes buy on a 4-wheeler and offers to go all the way back to his truck and get a rope. He went well out of his way to help us and it was appreciated. I went out that night and bought some nylon rope for the backpack for the next time I go with him I'll be able to tow him in with the KLR.

Anyway, the KLR is doing great in the dirt since the suspension mod's and new tires. Looking forward to some rides like this one to really test it out. I'll be out of town the next 2 weekends but, hopefully when I get back the weather will allow some more adventure in the desert.
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