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You ever take that thing off any sweet jumps........?

After Ryan's first pic of Phil in the parking lot at Denny's I thought it wasn't really necessary to say any more but after I saw the pic of me, post-rollover with Phil trying to highside me over onto him as I roll my bike back down the boulder pile (it's MUCH worse than it looks in the picture), I thought this was in order.

This is when Ryan did a sweet pop-a-wheelie. An interesting side note, we did not run out of ammo on this trip. Thanks Ryan !

Jim did a sweet jump at his point but he was too fast to be captured by my lens.

Phil does the uphill power waddle (don't try at home).

Later, Phil was able to POWER his way over seemingly impassable terrain using the technique know as "More Throttle". Kudos Phil !

Great ride guys ! Sorry I had to ditch early- church callings and what not.
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