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My Pig pissed me off again! The good, bad and ugly!

1st The Good :Well I finally get my new Supermotard kit. Delayed on install cause I had to order a new rear sprocket, a new wave rotor, new pads and a new chain.....I finally got it all together and dropped off the wheels to get the rubber mounted last night in Santee. hoping to go for a ride up to SCHWINN's later today.

Now the Bad : So after dropping off the wheels off for pickup today I get home and my parts package is there waiting for me

I got my new Ignition Coil and plug boot in yesterday (The Pig has been sitting on the stand since my last outing with Ride Orange when the pig died on me).

I hook it all up, throw the gas tank on and try to fire it up......nothing, so I re-check the coil and boot, they are good.

I re-check the Carb since I took it out and cleaned the hell out of it last weekend, it's good.....

I then did the old compression check, Good....even checked the valves, Good

So now I am back to square one, I pull the plug and short it to the block and hit the start button....

NO "F'ing SPARK again!

I replaced the coil and plug boot after finding them both dead with my multimeter, so then I think to myself "Damnit you dumb ass you forgot to check the ENTIRE CIRCUIT out".....


So in the process of checking the Ignition Circuit out with my multimeter I get to the point where I pull the connectors off of the ICM (Ignition Control Module, sometimes called a CDI on any other bike) and check the wires from the ICM to everything else..

Low and Behold......One of the spades on the ICM connector is FRIED and broken! Looks like vibration may have cause it but it still should not have broke like it did.

That little POS spade that broke, caused an arc and shorted out my entire "F'ing" Ignition System!

I'll be going by Motoworld to see if my extended warranty covers this, I need to finish checking the entire wire harness and all the ignition related components with my multimeter when I get home today.

The wiring Harness for the XR650L is $289.00 at Bike Bandit.....I have been searching online and cannot find the ICM / CDI, can't wait to see how much that's gonna burn my ass for.

So the Saga continues... 4 failures in a year and a half now with only 8K on the odometer. I really cannot complain too much, I love my pig but she's like anything else, if you ride 'em hard they will break! Ha!

Here is my running track record of "Breaks"

1. Busted the left crankcase cover (riding offroad before I got a skid plate)
2. Threw a chain at the DD
3. Starter Motor went (warranty covered it thankfully)
4. Now this....

Anyone know a good source for Japanese bike electrical Components (Pins, connectors etc)?

Looks like I'll be catching up on some projects around the house while I'm waiting for parts and repair

Those are the new wheels, tires, rotors and sprockets in that picture that I just spent $2,300 Hard earned "F'in" dollars on and the Mutha "F'in" ICM / CDI took a big fat, wet and smelly dump on me! (that's me and my son-in-law ready to blow some holes in the Bitch....)

I calmed down later, had a beer or two and remembered that I can and will fix it.....

Details here: http:

Of course I will get her fixed, I love Her!
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