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I had my right hip replaced in10/97 and the left hip replaced the following year. Life is a lot better without the constant pain. I ride dirt a little with my grandson but have never been that aggressive off road. I do ride rather aggresively on the street (at least for a 66 year old geezer). I have stepped off a time or two at speed on each hip with no problems.
As far as the new hip only lasting 10 years, that's what my surgeon told me in the years before I finally had the surgery at age 55. I think they just want you to wait as long as you can stand it. After the first surgery he told me it would be good for about 20 years. I think the new ceramic hips replacements are almost lifetime.
I quit running to lengthen the life of the replacement, martial arts and skiing as I thought those might lead to the hip dislocating. Once they come out, it's easier to happen again. Good luck. Ian, Iowa
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