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Update 06nov07

I have spent a bit of time in the rain and some wet dirt roads, and find the tyres work well in all conditions.


The tyres work really well in the wet, channeling water away from the bike and even when I emergency braked in the wet, deliberately it was almost impossible to engage the ABS. I found it very difficult to spin the rear on the exit of roundabouts also.


On the dirt, I did about 50km this afternoon, and it varied from wet gravel to slick hardpack mud, and the tyres felt stable, although a little choppy as I did not lower pressures on tyres nor did I reduce rebound damping as I would normally for a dirt ride. on rutted corrugations it was difficult to manage (see above) but when you ride well and use your bodyweight and be smooth I found I could zoom along at approx 80-90, slowing to 60-70 for tricky stuff. this was under overcast skies and on varying poorly maintained roads.

My final thoughts:
  • On the road the tyre works fantastically and as good as any road/ touring tyre should. It easily meets and exceeds the bike's capabilities on the road, any surface.
  • In the rain, they are confidence-inspiring allowing you to concentrate on the road surface and your direction, and provide good feel.
  • On the dirt I can only say 'WOW'. they should not work as well as they do, given the tread pattern. I am very impressed and am pleased with their performance, taking into account their design brief. anything more gnarly or rutted I would only recommend slow, deliberate progress and of course forget deep, loose sand.
I will update as I do more kms.

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