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Originally Posted by Bigger Al
I'm 43, and I'll be having a hip resurfacing procedure done in either December or January. I was hit by a car while riding in 1988, and my hip has finally degenerated to the point that the pain is constant and excruciating. I work in a nasty blue-collar job, too, which doesn't really help.
The resurfacing procedure leaves the femoral head intact with a cobalt/chrome stell cap glued on it, and a matching socket is fitted to the acetabulum (pelvis). I'll run metal-to-metal, with yearly kidney exams to check for metal ions in the blood.
The doctors at UC Davis have told me that after a full year of properly rehabbing I'll be able to do anything that I could before I was injured.
Check out for the details. Not everyone is a condidate for this type of procedure, but it sure looks promising. I'll keep everyone here informed of my progress.
Good luck to everyone out there who is going through this type of pain. There is relief available!!
Bigger Al

Have you had the "pin" hardware on your femoral head since 1988, or did you have a pelvic fracture? Is your pain a result of AVN or something else? Lasting for ten years after hip trauma seems very impressive to me. A year and a half after the accident, I returned to work for three weeks. Due to the increased activity (a lot of walking) the hardware "pin" on my femoral head was irritating the tendon on the outside of my leg. During the surgery in June 2006 to remove the hardware, I got an infection, and have not yet been able to recover. Doctor and Hospital selection is critical to the success of any surgery.

Hope the hip resurfacing works for you, and you have a quick recovery. Please keep me updated.

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