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i am 35 years old and got my hip replaced 4 years ago. I used to road race and had a fast highside at willlow springs. The whole right side of my body was pretty banged up. That was in 97. The doctors fixed everything up except for my hip. They did not know it was dammaged unitl later.

The doctor that i was going to told me i was too young for a hip replacement and that i should get use not doing anything high impact. I told the doc to stck it and did a bunch of research. I found a really cool doc who worked w/ me over a 5 year period. In the begining he just scoped my hip and cleaned up the damaged bits. He said to try and wait for a little bit because the technolgy for the replacement was getting way better.

So i waited then when the pain was too much i did it. it was like having a different body. I ride my dirt bike at least everyother weekend. I go snowboarding in the winter. i hike and mt bike. The more i do the better i feel. If i get lazy thats when things start to stiffen up. You just gotta stay inshape, which is better any way.

I say do it.
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