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Point taken re: the cost of Spot (initial purchase plus subscription) over a 5-year period.

Originally Posted by offroute
...Four days riding in Death Valley next week and I'll have the thing SPOTcasting all day, each of the days.
Is there a public web site where folks can see your track if they have the proper info?

Originally Posted by offroute
...But at this point I'm thinking I want a 100% reliable PLB for my solo rides when I can't always count on getting a message out without moving the unit for a clearer view of the sky. Sitting somewhere by myself somewhere with a broken leg while looking at the device and heavy tree cover or high canyon walls might be a little worrying....
100% reliable? PLBs are subject to the same issues as Spot. They need a pretty unobstructed view of the sky, although they ought to tolorate more foliage due to the lower frequency and substantially higher power. The position accuracy of PLBs without GPS data is about a 5-mile diameter circle using doppler data from the low earth orbit satellite system. Approximately one hour is needed to get enough data to determine a position with the LEO satellites. Only the geostationary satellites will process received GPS data, so a view of the southern sky is required for a more accurate fix and quicker response.

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