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Hi Ladies,
OK lets support someone who listened to the request for ladie's sizes and made it happen. Click on the oder link and it will take you to the shirts and the prices have been reduced. This is the first time I've seen it where the ladies shirts are less expensive than the men's. They're only $10.95 and there are some great looking designs. Ohhhhhhh how this is going to cost me since I can't decide which ONE to get I have to get more than one. Yep, that's just what I need more t-shirts. Oh yeah, there's thongs that can be ordered too if that's something you like.

Apparently there have only been a few ladies t-shirts ordered which will result in the ladies sizes not being available in the future if they don't sell after they are made. My 2 cents says that's a big reason we aren't able to get ladies riding gear, etc. there just isn't enough of us that buy it when it is produced.

Many of you may not know the shirts are available much less the ladies sizes so I wanted to pass this on. I knew the shirts were available but the last time I looked at the thread the ladies shirts were still in the works, then I was busy riding and didn't get around to check it again until this morning. I miss a lot of posts during riding season because I'm too busy playing but once I start staying home a little I discover some of the things I have missed. This information might have even been posted in this thread and I missed it here but if it has I think it's worth a revisit.

You might also want to let NC Bud know you appreciate that the shirts were made.
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