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ahhh....more female adventurers!!

I just came across this thread and after having read most of it am thrilled there are so many women riders and so many riding varied bike styles and riding in so many parts of the world....BRAVO

I am a relative noob myself, but am an avid rider and dedicated one. I have had the fortune of lots of free time due to being a self-employed artist and have been able in my 3 years of riding to ride nearly 50K. I have recently ridden some offroad miles, but need a different bike to do much more. I too am looking to a dual-sport in my future, but one that is fairly light and flickable.

Both my husband and I ride and have had a few different bikes. Right now i am experiencing serious moto love with my 00 Suzuki Bandit 12S. What an amazing matter where i take it, it treats me well.

My husband and I both write and do photography although he is better at both...we have a website where we write ride reports and do motography. The link is in my signature and we would love to have some more female contributors.

I just lost a friend over the weekend to a moto accident and am feeling a bit raw today. As passionate as i am for my sport, i realize the overtones of mortality and how heavily it weighs on us as riders. So ride safely and vigilently.

Just wanted to stop in and say hello to all.


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