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I have a couple of questions for you guys.

First off on my cycle cross bike (Jamis Nova) I would like to gear it down. The bike is a 2005 model. I can't find any info on it. But the 2007s have a CS 5600 freewheel. My bike is a 9 speed so I am assuming that my free wheel is the 9 speed equivalent of the 5600.
Can I gear this guy down? I'm thinking that I might currently have a 27 tooth on the rear. I would like to bump this up to a 32 tooth or similar. I know that I might need to get a different chain and derailleur. I have tried to make sense of the capability charts. I am not finding any useful info.

Next is I am thinking of getting a new mountain bike. I need something that is at least as relaxed as my cycle cross bike. I have never ridden a fully suspended bike or a bike with an air shock on it.
Do I need a fully suspended bike for riding trails?
Or can I get buy just fine with a hard trail?
My biggest issue with bikes is that I tend to knock the wheels out of alignment. I have a set of speed cities on my cycle cross bike. I have never need to alien them.

I am currently looking at an REI brand bike. I think that the fully suppended bike is in the 1600 to 2k range. Is this enough bike for a big guy to get fit on?
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