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Originally Posted by Hair
I have a couple of questions for you guys.

First off on my cycle cross bike (Jamis Nova) I would like to gear it down. The bike is a 2005 model. I can't find any info on it. But the 2007s have a CS 5600 freewheel. My bike is a 9 speed so I am assuming that my free wheel is the 9 speed equivalent of the 5600.
Can I gear this guy down? I'm thinking that I might currently have a 27 tooth on the rear. I would like to bump this up to a 32 tooth or similar. I know that I might need to get a different chain and derailleur. I have tried to make sense of the capability charts. I am not finding any useful info.
its often easier/cheaper to reduce the size of the front chain ring(s). you may or may not have to remove a few chain links when you do this, easily done with a chain rivet punch. you shouldn't have to change the derailleur(s).

re: FSR vs hardtail for trail riding, it kind of depends on how rough your trails are and how fast you want to fly over rough terrain while maintaining some modicum of control.

re: mountain bikes, hearing really good buzz about these guys ->

their top of the line full suspension bike is under 22 lbs fully equipped (but that combo is $$$$$)
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