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Originally Posted by JAFO

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Originally Posted by Chatty Cathy

You know. I just don't see the Patriot being a "trail rated" vehicle. Jeep used to have the standard that every vehicle they made would do the Rubicon. Somehow, without lots and lots of shoveling, rock moving, and body damage, I just don't see this vehicle being up to the challenge......

nothing new in that- -remember the Jeepster? Jeep used to make small cars back in the 50's. Everything old is new again.

I for one am glad to see DC out of Jeep. Maybe they'll put solid axles back under the trucks...

Yabbut, the Jeepster still had solid front axles, and was a decent off roader. Nothing like a CJ, but it got the job done, specifically it was "trail rated on the rubicon", meaning it did the entire Rubicon in stock form. Even the Wagoneer, with all it's bells and whistles still had a Dana 60 driveline and could do the Rubicon. Those new jeeps are lucky to handle a speed bump without wetting themselves.

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