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Originally Posted by Mercury264
Rollers. Talk to me about rollers. The cold weather has arrived here in New England and I hate riding in the cold. I have a static trainer thing but it's not very good. PC or Nashbar have a set of rollers for about $100 or so. I have heard they are difficult to use - true or no ? Any tips on using them ?


They are somewhat dificult to pick up. I learned as a kid, but I was pretty rusty when I got back on them.

1. The smaller the drum the harder to push/balance/ride
2. Release the brake levers (the switch you use to remove the wheels on each caliper. You don't EVER want to use brakes.
3. I actually DO look at the drums, it never bothered me to do that, but it does get easier to zone in on an imaginary staight line.
4. Don't use clip ins until you get good at it.
5. Tires actually make a difference on rollers. The more texture the louder they will be, and rougher the ride.
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