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Originally Posted by flip18436572
I don't have a bike club in my area, but I would guess the average bicycle cost in my small town is under $200.00. I only know of one other person who has spent more than me on a bicycle, and he used to own a bicycle shop that basically only fixed bikes.

I don't even make the $800.00 mark in the earlier post with multiple bicycles.
I'm not trying to be antagonistic, but I find that really hard to believe...

- you're telling me the avg bike (and I'm not talking department store fall apart after christmas bikes / children's huffy specials, etc) costs around 200$?

You can't even find a decent new entry level bike for under $500 to $800 (even listed in Bicycling magazine's buyer's guide) that I know of.

Is there a bicycle shop (LBS) in your area, the kind that sell bikes a messenger, wknd roadie, or Mtn biker would ride?
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