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Originally Posted by Perry
I'm not trying to be antagonistic, but I find that really hard to believe...

- you're telling me the avg bike (and I'm not talking department store fall apart after christmas bikes / children's huffy specials, etc) costs around 200$?

You can't even find a decent new entry level bike for under $500 to $800 (even listed in Bicycling magazine's buyer's guide) that I know of.

Is there a bicycle shop (LBS) in your area, the kind that sell bikes a messenger, wknd roadie, or Mtn biker would ride?
What I am saying is that 99% of the people that ride bicycles get them at a department store for less than $150 on a day to day basis. We live about an hour from a city that has bicycle shops and even though people go there quite often, very few if any even know what a bicycle shop is.

The only one people even know about is the TREK store, and I won't go back there unless a family member needs something that I MUST get at that TREK store.

I live in a town of about 6000 people and there are very few people that I even see on the streets and we don't have any trails or anyplace for mountain bikes.

I know of a family that buys their kids new bikes at K-Mart about twice a year because the kids destroy them in about 6 months. He threw away about 10 bikes last year that were sitting in his back yard rusting away. He said he waits until they go on sale at K-Mart, or finds the same bike on-line and has it shipped to the house for less.

Most of the people don't ride the bikes enough to care about what shifter will last and when they break, they don't have anyone to take them to anymore. So, they sit and rust away and then head to the local land fill.
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