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Thumb Beasts Forum Playbook - Please Read

Welcome to our Beasts forum. This is where multi-cylinder adventure/dirt-sport tourers are discussed. Stroms, Ulys, Quotas, Elefants, etc, etc. Yea, I know we have dedicated forums for the GS and the big dirty KTMs, but please understand that ADVrider was hatched way back when the pickings were much slimmer and the GS and (later) the big Katoom were the major players here in the States. So anyway, keep your thread titles clear (for ease of future searching) and lets talk about all the other giant dirty bike options here.

What doesn't fly here? No personal attacks, no spam, no for sale/wanted ads (they belong in the Flea Market), no threads pointing to Flea Market threads, no vendor posts (they belong in Vendors), no whining about other websites or webmasters. No whining about our site rules. No posting of copyrighted material, such as pointers to pirated factory shop manuals, torrent sites, etc.

Obviously your typical garage language gets a pass, 'cause, well, most of us talk like that. But no obviously provocative, racist, or similarly offensive nonsense makes the cut. When in doubt, picture a room with young/old/male/female gearheads and act like you're speaking out loud enough for all to hear. In other words, show some consideration to others, because no matter who you are, this place ain't all about you.

If you'd like to take things a step further, or just can't resist acting like a pimple faced truant with Tourette's Syndrome, head on down to Jo Momma.

If you see something that doesn't belong here, instead of responding in public, simply click on the Blame John™ link to report the post and we'll handle things from there. In other words, don't feed the trolls.

Always remember that this place is only what all of us make it. No more, no less. So enjoy! And thanks, from your friendly neighborhood ADVrider Admin...

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