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Originally Posted by custmmc

Can you give us some more information on what would disqualify someone from getting a hip resurfacing? The doctor said I did not qualify, but during the office visit we had so many other questions to ask that we did not follow up on the resurfacing issue. I would prefer the resurfacing because it allows for more long term options.

I would also like to know more about a hip fusion. Would it be possible to ride motorcycles at all after a hip fusion? During my first doctor consultation he suggested hip fusion, but at the next visit he said I should not consider fusion.

Thanks to all for contributing. This is great information, please keep it coming. I will continue to collect comments for a few more days, and then try to summarize what I learned from this and other postings.

I look forward to the day that I can enjoy riding something more entertaining than the electric shopping carts at Wal-Mart.

Always get a second opinion on something this serious.
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