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Day 4: Denton to Amarillo

The ride from Denton TX to Amarillo TX was a nice prelude for things to come. The temperature ranged between 29 and 38 degrees which sounds cold but we are well prepared so it was actually a comfortable temperature range. The ride was replete with great expanses of very flat prairie. I cannot help to think of how the first explorers of this area actually made it across some of these arid areas. We also passed a windmill farm which we thought was real cool and had to stop for a photo... but the windmills don't show at all in the picture! Oh well.

One of us ran out of gas some where west of Sayre... turns out that at 95 MPH, gas economy drops pretty far below what one would expect at, say, 70 MPH. Out here gas stations are few and far between.

We enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal in the hotel room after getting in fairly late; unlike Atlanta, even the pizza delivery places and the Chinese restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving.

Geared up for a cold ride:

Really remote terrain on Thanksgiving day:

Out of gas (Luckily, we were within view of a gas station, and the smarter rider was able to bring back a gallon of gas within a few minutes.)

This morning we've had some snow, and worse forecast, so we stayed in the hotel late into the morning to monitor the weather. Now, at 10:30 AM C, it looks like the worst is past and the weather in general was not nearly as bad as forecast, so we're going to head out. Given the weather and temperatures, there is reasonable chance we'll have to stop somewhere prematurely.
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