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Originally Posted by Essjay
2) The additional SAR insurance. Does this insurance only cover the registered owner of the SPOT or will it cover the user of the unit? As mentioned in the other thread - what happens if I'm with a friend who has a bad fall and I use the SPOT for assistance?
I was looking around on the GEOS website and found nothing about providing insurance coverage for non-registered folks in trouble. I don't see why you would expect them to do so, honestly. They are not in the business of giving away free services worth (possibly) $20,000+. (As a side note, I subscribe to NW MedStar, and the average 90 mile medivac flight costs US$12,000, of which health insurance pays perhaps 30% at best. The rest would come out of your paycheck... unless you are a member.)

GEOS does provide full coverage for family members for $US7.95 each annually, and they are covered if they are in possession of a SPOT when they have the emergency. I think that is really affordable coverage - my NW MedStar membership is US$59 annually..

I think this is one cool device. I'm holding off on a purchase however until I see more real world reports. I normally ride in deep forested canyons in North Idaho and often have poor or no gps fixes. I'm thinking a PLB might be a better choice....

If you routinely ride with a buddy who doesn't own a SPOT, he should subscribe to a local emergency medivac service so that he will be covered if you have to call him in for rescue. The downside is that the coverage area is FAR more limited than the coverage through GEOS. I'm positive the SPOT system would work to rescue a non-member - it just wouldn't pay the VERY high SAR and transport fees.
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