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The length of trip and ease of reprovisioning always dictates this for me. If it will be easy to resupply along the way I tend to eat more fresh stuff. If the trip is more remote and harder to resupply I take dehyrated meals like those from Mountainhouse, Backpackers Pantry, etc.

I enjoy the convenience of the dehydrated meals as I can just boil water, pour some in the pouch, seal it, wait, and then eat a hot meal. There are some that I like pretty well, and others that I don't really care for. Personaly, I like the chilimac from Mountainhouse pretty well, it's tasty, and hearty. If all I have to worry about is boiling water all I take along are my pocket rocket stove, and a stainless cup. I use the stainless cup for boiling water for meals, as well as for having oatmeal in the morning, and for coffee and tea. It makes for a pretty compact, light cooking kit.

Of course things change if you can resupply every couple of days. Add a small pot and frying pan to the above kit and you can be enjoying stew (either home made or canned), bacon, eggs, etc. If you use the search function you'll find some meals that folks on here have prepared that are pretty spectacular looking.
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