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.. . such a great thread BUT now so quiet, apart from Moragabikers input some months ago, howsabout some ongoing user-reports from you guys out there racking up the iron-butt miles on ya 525's please.
I just bought-in a tidy '05 & am keen to start modding it & some field-reports WOULD be great, especially if they're relevant to a couple of the significant questions from the thread that are still up-for-grabs, like whether or not ya REALLY need to fit a cush-drive rear wheel, or an HT oil cooler.
An item that didnt get a heap of attention was whether or not to throw bucks at a steering damper for doolsport useage .. . ?
Another is whether or not to fit some aftermarket speedo unit (with 14 exotic/bonus functions) or to just add a HardParts remote switch so as to be able to set elapsed distances on the fly (my new baby seems to need about 6 fingers on the speedo buttons to change/reset the modes etc).
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