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Wow, good questions

Broo C em

I have owned an 06 since new, now has about 7000kms or so, here's my observations so far. I modded everything, check my sig for link to thread where I covered it all. If the link isnt there when I'm done I'll edit this post and add the link.
  • Cush Drive - I don't run one, but I run knobbies and most of the time I'm in the dirt. No ransmission probs so far. No intention of fitting the cush drive.
  • HT Oil Cooler - I have one, no problems with engine or ignition, my buddy who doesn't use one has no problems at same mileage. Don't think it's necessary, but gives you the warm fuzzies knowing you have more oil down there.
  • Steering Damper - hmmm I have the GPR V2 with the integrated bar risers (you know the blingin orange one), its great but not necessary for dualsport in particular. It's great for offroading in general! If you like riding the streambeds and baby-heads - get one!
  • Trip computer - just buy the tripmaster switch for it. Found it very handy for TSD Rallies.
Good luck!

Edit: here's the linky to my 525 "Adventure" build thread
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