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Originally Posted by Para504
+1 on the damper, at least in the technical riding (like above with the rocks and/or nasty roots). Also if you're riding in loose sand it can be helpful as well (as is leaning back & staying on the gas). Its not a cure all if you haven't adjusted / tuned your suspension correctly, but for the conditions above it does make a difference.
Agree! One other place where it comes in handy is on tarmac in high cross winds. My 525 was really, really nervous at 70 MPH in these conditions, dangerously so, and the Motosportz damper calmed it right down. It also improved it in rocks. Worth it.

Cush hub -- pretty expensive but if you put a lot of miles on hard surface I think it would be worth while. However, the SM boys run thousands of miles without them and are only on hard surface. I have one. I have changed out all the trashed needle bearings in transmissions (mainly on Maicos) I wish to.

HT Oil Cooler -- if you run in a lot of heat or pull deep sand washes you will get your oil to the point of failure. The HT will prevent this. If you wish to run lighter oil (I run Rotella T synthetic 5W-40) you can do so with the cooler but are probably advised to run heavier oil without the cooler. The Rotella T helps me a lot in the colder weather I'm running now as well. If you want to run more miles between changes the HT will aid that. I have just short of 2 quarts now.

Back on about page 10 or 12 I had a post on mounting Dirt Bagz to the sub frame. My mounts are still intact. I still only carry lighter stuff in the bagz. (I hope to get a T6 alloy sub frame made for it -- unchromed solid bar stock -- that will have tabs for mounting at the rear. More on that as it develops.)

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