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Originally Posted by Komito
This is a pretty kool idea eh mate!

So far, reading back over the thread, here is what I have put together for volunteer riders for specific states/regions: (Please feel free to team-up, go on rides together, this is a team effort. Hopefully many of us can cover areas to ride together and pass the pig along.)

WAYY North:
AK!!: kodiakfrank

North Georgia: helixblue
Texas: dangerz
N. Texas, OK, LA, AR: Krusty

North Carolina: SgtMike
VA (and surrounding): Shoganai

In between:
Wisconsin & MN: gonzomup
Michigan: ChuckS
Montana:Klrscumbag (Western)

Bay Area: srileo
Rockies: eaglefeather and myself (komito)
CA, NV, UT, or AZ: Stonewall
N Nv Bobzilla

The land of Oz
Melbourne: justAL (Just about to anywhere )

Please copy/paste and add if you would like to be contacted when the ride through your area happens!

I will post this on the front page of my first post, to bring to the attention of other first time readers. Thanks for getting involved, everyone!
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