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Originally Posted by squish
I've owned two superhawks (vtr1000f)
And loved the engine (hated the fuel range on that bike but that's not the engine)

An XL1kV' would be wonderfull IF only.
A. it weighed around 150 to 200 pounds less,
right now its around 550 pounds!!
And B. was more... Well, more of a dirt bike and less of a Hummer H3
Same issues with lots of the "adventure touring" bikes.
Low engine, with no real protection, Small diameter front wheels
Massive painted ABS fairings that cost massive amounts of money to fix when you crack them.

Why not build a light weight, dirt biased long legged big tanked small but functional windscreen.
Give the engine and it's bits (oil coolers, raditors, exhaust pipes Etc.) Some real (read not plastic) protection from spills, crashes and tip overs.

Give it a chain drive, REAL suspension like what's put on the CRF450R race bikes.
Oh yea, and please please please don't "retune the engine for more torque"

Just crossing my mind...

A) Have you ever driven the XL1000V? Coming from a 600 Transalp, I am already working on my 3rd Varadero and covered 150.000 km (almost 100.000 miles) on the three of them. It is heavy on paper, but a GS1200 (although BMW would like to make you believe) is not that much lighter. Honda adds the FULL road weight on the brochure, BMW the dry weight.
I can assure you that it rides and handles like a Transalp 600 and gravel is just peanuts. It even handles better on dirtroads as a GS (have driven both), only the KTM is better (but more expensive, especially if something brakes down which will)
C) A Hummer H3 is very compatitive offroad although I would never buy an American car in first place...

About the plastics: You will appreciate it. There is NO 2nd big trail bike which is offering the same amount of weather protection as the Varadero does. And suspension can be changed!

I believe that you lot say 'Appearances can be deceiving'. Believe me, this goes up to the Varadero. When I saw the very first MK1 at the Munich Motorcycle exhibition in September 1998, I was just sooo disappointed (expecting to see a 1000cc Africa Twin), but 3 months after that I bought my first Varadero and I kept to it with no regrets, despite some starting problems (engine, faulty fuel pump, rust, etc). You guys are getting the best... No more starters faults! And above that... Its a Honda.
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