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Originally Posted by gaspipe

I'm building this bike to take me into the remote places of South America for next winter. It's not going to be a race bike, but a more off an offroad touring buildup. A "poorman's" Touratech ride, but with long travel and plush suspension.......

I'm in the front fork now, working on adapting a set of long travel 45mm Shivers in place of the 45's on there now. Woody's is building me a superlaced Sun rim for the front. I'll do a rear before I go.

Between that Shiver fork and the Ohlins shock, I'm at 39+ inches of seat height I'll be like Gaston Rahier.

Scotts damper.

I have a full Remus exhaust on there now. It's a bit loud - louder than I would want to ride in the USA, expecially in forest lands. I need to re-evaluate the exhaust. Nice and snappy, though. The goal here isn't anything other than getting rid of the heat source of the convertor.

I swapped over to a cleanable foam air filter rig. Paper is good, but tough to clean or replace.

Gas is still the big question. I have a few ideas on how to get the 300+ mile range I'd like to have for SA. I might make a right rear tank like Max's, and also an integrated rack/tank for the rear. My hope is to get 22+ liters total. I have lots of time to work that out.

The OE seat seems good enough for me. I might chat with James about an all vinyl seat though, since I'll be living on this thing for 8-10 weeks.

The clutch lever/perch will be replaced with an ASV for strength (I do crash from time to time ). I'll have an extra clutch and throttle cable zip tied in place.

I defeated the lawyer approved clutch and sidestand switches. The OE rear fender has been hacked, turn signals relocated, and plate mount moved.

I think I'm going to use Moose handguards and Emig HD handlebar clamps on the bars. I like the bend of the OE Maguras - they are just liek the bars on the Super Enduro.

No heated grips or any of that stuff. I'm not sure the OE stator has a lot to give after powering the ignition, lights and fuel pump.

I adapted an MSR roadbook mount to hold the GPS.

I am not a fan of hard bags for offroad riding, so as usual, I'll fab some mild steel hoops to accomodate my Dirtbagz or some of Wolfman's Expedition bags for the big ride. The Wolfy Enduro tankbag and tank panniers will also work nicely. If it doesn't fit in that much capacity, it's not coming. I guarantee I'll give some stuff away as I go - if I don't use it often, I do without altogether.

There are a bunch of other small details to work out.

Anyway, I'll post up pics in a thread and/or here when I am finalizing assembly and know what works and what I don't like, or I totally FUBAR'd. I'm thinking about taking a ~3k mile run through some ugly roads I know in Mexico in Feb/Mar to 'field test' it.
A "poormans" TT ride. I don't know you GasPipe, but if you are poor, then I must be dirt poor.... or poorer than dirt poor, whatever that is....

How does the XC compare to a 640 ADV in your opinion? The XC is very interesting to me.

Motion Pro may be able to build you a nice clutch cable as well.

How much you got in it? StreetBikeMike

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