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The argument about steroids hinged on the "marginal" players who were juiced to stay in The Show. Now it is revealed that the top players were using steroids.

In almost every sport, performance enhancing drugs are used as part of the ability to be competitive. Track is juiced tot he point that even the craziest East German coaches of the 80s couldn't imagine.

Cycling? Always one step ahead of the judges.

I joke with some of my musician friends about doping and they tell me that classical artists use beta blockers to "expand time".

Who is going to stop this? How could you stop it? What peak performer wouldn't try something to make him or her perform better? Working harder doesn't help that much. Natural talent is leveled off, to the point where the pressure to succeed a search for that edge.

Try to stop it, I dare you. Stop the tide, Canute, stop the tide.
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