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Originally Posted by PacWestGS
Just got off the phone with Kyle Racing and asked the question: is the BM633 for the X-Moto the same BM633 for the XCH?

No, (From Ohlins direct)

The shock body and externals are the same, the internals are completely beefed up, with lots of internal changes in shaft length (16mm shorter), valves, spacers and bushings. It's built for abuse...

I don't why they just refer to it as the "Modified" BM633, but it is a different shock from the BMW factory one used on the X-Moto.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Oh by the way, mine should be here in time for unwrapping under the Christmas Tree.

This race prep stuff is fun, but damn is it getting expensive
Ye Pac... I still don't think it is a twin piston PDS component shock that they are now building, as I have been told that they have only built one of these to date! You might want to check on that if you are inclined to opt for an even beefier unit.
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