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Originally Posted by SteveRed
Ye Pac... I still don't think it is a twin piston PDS component shock that they are now building, as I have been told that they have only built one of these to date! You might want to check on that if you are inclined to opt for an even beefier unit.
Yep, thanks Steve, I thought about that and then said, hey even if they improve on this one, I'll have tested and used it against the Air-shock. These guys (Kyle Racing) are very open about developing technology and tuning things like the XCH. If over the process of testing the bike and pre-running things the new shock becomes available, maybe before the race I'll have a chance to upgrade. I'm sure the one I'm getting can find a new home here. Someone would by a used Ohlins if it came available.

That's the beauty in a good (rebuildable) product.

It was you that made me ask the question, I was happy to see they weren't just changing the spring or running a different remote reservior on a shock built for a street bike. My understanding is they tweaked this unit for XCH, now lets see how it works...

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