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Originally Posted by Emoto
I think George Mitchell is a man of integrity.
Please understand that I'm not questioning George Mitchell's integrity here. I'm simply asking that we consider that everyone involved with the investigation knew of his association/affiliation with the Red Sox. That alone may have been enough to cause one of the many people involved at the grass roots level to turn their attention to other players on other teams rather than following up things regarding the Sox as thoroughly as they might have had this investigation been headed up by someone else. I doubt that the results would have been the same if this were spearheaded by someone on the Yankee's board of directors, for example.

My beliefs aside, this, to me, is a clear example of why it is not enough to simply avoid impropriety. One must avoid even the appearance of impropriety or the possibility of impropriety. Regardless of his personal abilities or level of integrity, no one with any affiliation with any team should have been involved in this investigation, much less acting as the head of it.
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