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A ratty looking Native American sits outside the Longhorn Bar, holding a case of Bud. He asks me to buy him some potato chips in the bar as the flies light on and off him. (I didn’t get it either).

A cowboy on horseback crosses the street near me, a dog at the horse’s heels, as I mosey into the Longhorn. Wow… It’s right out of an old cowboy flick. Stools made from steel tractor saddles and milk cans. 5 inches of sawdust on the floor keep bottles from breaking when dropped and puke, blood, spills and other assorted fluids clean up easier. Two pool tables in back and single dollar bills with the names of customers from around the country are stapled to the walls. This place is the ultimate prototype for the classic biker bar. Photographed by Iron Horse and Easyrider, this place is a zoo during Sturgis Bike Week.
Nice report Dude,
I waited out a rainstorm in that longhorn bar playing pool, drinking beers on my way to AK in '99. In that town they will let you camp in the middle of the town, and the store there has quite abit pawn shop material...
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