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Ditto request for 'guest' login to view tracking data. I already know where I am and where I've been, and when I'm out and about I have no way of looking at my track data anyway. Making tracking data available to others (without viewing my financial and buddylist info) is where all the utility in the tracking feature lies IMHO.

I just finished an 805 mile, 12.5 hour trip from NE Alabama to Houston with SPOT (in tracking mode) on the dashboard of the car. The system received 65 of 75 messages -- pretty decent performance as a good portion of the sky is obstructed by the roof of the car when it's sitting on the dash.

In addition to a guest feature I'd like to see velocity and track direction reported as well. I know that requires at least two position fixes to compute, but, hey....

On the SPOT v. PLB issue, for me the utility of SPOT is tracking and not so much emergency SAR. At $150 for SPOT hardware and $150 for a year's service I'll get a lot more use out of my investment than the $700 PLB that's Velcro'd to my pannier lid. (At least I hope that's the case.)

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