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Originally Posted by Stagehand
these look like so much fun. Did you guys go out and buy one without having driven one, or did someone let you try operating it before you dropped the dimes?
Hell, I've never even taken a ride in one.
I went out and got mine with no experience, never even sat on one. Closest I'd been to a hack was about a year prior when they had one on the floor but it had a big "DO NOT SIT ON BIKE" sign on it.

The first time I rode one was the test-ride after they put "mine" together. I took it down the road where they told me there was an industrial area (shops and the like, narrow lanes) and found out the pavement at the end butted into a dirt road with mud puddles

I brought the bike back all splashed with mud, big grin on my face. I handed him the keys, he asked "You like it?", I said "Yeah, matter of fact, let's have those keys back" and motioned SpyderWife to go in and start the paperwork
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