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Originally Posted by sdpc2
my wife convinced me this past Spring that she wanted an older style hack. So i went out and bought one that had been built ground up by a renowned airhead guy. A '74 R90/6 with a Velorex hack. I wanted to make sure that it was a quality rig. I even confirmed this with the NY airhead marshal (who also drives hacks).

When we got it home, i was the one who had to take it out to get inspected. I practically drove it into the woods trying to make the turn out of my driveway. I have over 100k miles on two wheels, and it was VERY different driving on three wheels, even though i had done lots of reading on the subject.

My wife who had only about 5k miles on two wheels, took to it almost immediately. She had no problems doing turns iand figure 8's in the parking lot. SHe then informed me that she wanted to go to a nearby rally Memorial day weekend. Not only did she go (fully loaded! You know how much room there is in a boat for a woman to fill! ), but she won a prize for the best vintage rig. She then decided that she wanted to drive it to the MOA rally in WI.... over 800 miles each way.

Needless to say, she in now hooked.

Me, i prefer two wheels.

Is that Mike youre talking about? heh- If so, I saw him in Poughkeepsie, told him I was thinking of being in the market, too. His Steib is really cool.
Thats really cool about your wife.
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