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Originally Posted by Nata Harli
I'm trying to incorporate this info into Google Maps. I'm not that familiar with GM so am not sure if anyone else can get to this information. Give it a try and reply to this post to let me know you can see all the information I have input so far. If you can see it, I'll continue to update the map when I get time.
I think it's great, but one concern is the size of the symbols eventually becoming so cluttering that you can't navigate. For some places we'll have several listings in one town. How will the bunk symbols stack?

The Juice, to me, would be the ability to click on a State and see a list of cities, then another click gives you what info has been input. Maybe a bunk symbol in a State where we have a listing...dunno.

Maybe I'm all wet here, but just within a very small area of the Copper Canyon, we could have up tp a dozen different cities, and then several choices within each.

What you've done is great - well beyond my puter abilities - and I appreciate it. Please don't take my post as being negative.
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