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Originally Posted by Nata Harli
I know exactly what you mean about the size of the symbols but I can't find any way to edit them. One thing you can do is just scroll in further and they make more sense. But, I'm glad that you can at least get to the map.

I'm sure there is a better way to do what I'm doing but I'm glad you can get to them. When I have a little more time, I'll try and do some more research and make the map more usable. Right now, I'll go ahead and enter the hotels from this thread into the map. That way, at least you will be able to open up the map and see what hotels might be near where you are heading. When I get back from my trip and have a little more time I'll try and refine the maps to make them more usable.

Thanks for taking a look and thanks for all your information. Either you keep really good notes or you have a fantastic memory but the info is great. I'm hoping to get some more good input after this season.

Merry Christmas .
Thanks for putting out the effort.
The logging of this travel info is what this forum has needed since its inception.
Don't have too much fun when you go south and ride safe, Nata.

You may wanna touch base with geode, our Tent Space God. You guys might be able to trade ideas regarding how to keep up with all this valuable stuff.

Let me add: If you ever feel bogged down and want help (a break, or more), please say so - short term or long term.
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