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Originally Posted by RichBeBe
I was thinking of those silly bets that mayor's make. Any Sux fans want to make a friendly wager?
I will say the Yankees will make it further than the Sux in the post season. Here is the bet, if the Sux make it further I will change my Avatar until 12-31-07 to the Sux logo and my location to "New York Sucks", if the Sux lose whomever takes the bet will change their Avatar to a Yankees logo and their location to "Boston Sucks"
Anyone willing to put their pride where their mouth is?
One rule, if we both make the playoffs and get knocked out in the first round the bet is off.
I am making this bet because we all know I am a bandwagon fan. I mean when we were 14.5 games back I was rooting for the NY Muts
Still plenty of time to jump on the PATRIOTS bandwagon. . .

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