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Originally Posted by Stagehand

I keep coming back around to this unit- although I like the Jetson's look of a Steib. I have a feeling this is where I'd end up, though, which is why I keep circling back.
A Gear-Up is like that last slice of pie in the refrigerator...

You see it in there, and boy does it look good.

You come back later, it's still there, still looks good.

Another trip and it's still there, you wonder "Why am I not eating it?".

Late at night, time for a snack. There's the pie. Perfect. You sit there looking at the pie while you eat it and you think to yourself "Man, this tastes as good as it looks. What the Hell was I waiting for?"

People are jealous of you the next day when they find out you got the last slice of pie. They look at you, they stare, they wish they were you. They hang cell phones out of their window to take pictures as they go by.

People ask you 10 million questions about the pie when they see you.

You will always be known as "The guy with the pie"

you know you want it

it calls to you

when you see a picture of one it makes you want to photoshop your head onto the riders body

you ask yourself "is it really as cool as it looks?" but you secretly know it is

you are powerless to resist

resistance is futile
On the 7th day God rested... Marines filled sandbags
"Why you buy motorcycle is broke from factory?" - Ukranian vendor representative at work referring to my Ural
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