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Yeah, I guess I am a belt-and-suspenders kind of guy Dunno when I got into that habit.. but it's definitely a habit. Only done the hop thing twice, neither time badly-- just a scrape and a reminder. Not in the habit of kicking up the sidestand after I put it on the centerstand. Usually kick up the sidestand before starting the motor.

The T66s work fine for me - but I never, ever push it in the rain. And that's where others have had problems. For me they have lots of grip in the dry. Actually, I'm breaking a rule - I got a puncture in the rear about 2-thousand miles ago. I'm still relying on the Stop-n-Go plug - it's been holding the pressure fine. Maybe when it starts leaking I'll change tires. Everyone here seems to love the Tourances, so I may get them just to try them.

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