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Originally Posted by Two Plugs
From which Planet are you...?
The Varadero was introduced in September 1998... At that moment Suzuki only build the single DR650... So every thing after that date was a copy... Suzuki did not even bother to make it right!
hi two plugs ive been riding the dl 1000 and the mk 1 vara back to back now for eighteen months having done around 9000 on each bike ....

i bought them with the money from a disaterous affair with a 1200 gs .....
man that bike was so unreliable .........

first thing to say is the vara is a great touring bike and will corner respecably well except when it gets really tight ....and ridden for what its designed for its a cracking bike mines a 02 and nothing has gone wrong and it cost nothing but oil and filters to keep running .....

the strom takes a little work to get right the front tends to fell vauge on standard tyres [badwings ] and does suffer from ground clearence problems ...
raising links on the rear and fitting road attacks made a huge difference to the bike in corners and is / was much easier to change direction than the vara ...the vara is very heavy and stable but when it comes to more spirited riding the strom will come back with the stick betwen its teeth first every time .......

im afraid it is a more exiciting bike to ride engine......ehaust note .... corners has more urgency and poise ... ...erganomics are nothing short of exalent ...
if you fit madstat brackets to a strom with a givi screen is without doubt the most protective and quiet ride out there and i include the 12 grand electric screen jobbies
as i say it need reserch and a bit of thought the vara sceens have never come close to that of this set up and ive tried belive me is important to me as i dont do holidays without my bike ...and ride all year round whatever the weather i think do you ..

..the stadard vara springs were binned for hypro which improved handling but sacrificed alittle ride quality the faster you go the more they make sense .....

to be honest the better bike than both of them for day to day use is the ............650 strom which i have recently bought to use for work
the sv engine is a absalute peach
i cant tell you how impressed i am with it for next to no money 5 months old its stunning value

out of the big vs the strom is easier to use in town the vara really doesnt like it at all and will protest much more at any given speed under 50 than the other two it will require one gear lower than the strom to stop it shaking itself to pieces .....having said that when its used as intended its a peach ....a little thirsty though .....
i like my vara but with the lille strom now used for comuting [57 mpg without thinking]i have to let one go ...........

im afraid its got to be the vara ....i really like it ...its like a big slobbery dog faithful and likeable but aint going to see ff any burglers

when if honda get there act together i will be first in the que but like you say 1998 is a long time with just a few farkes a nd fual injection to show its showing its weight ..and its age ....but a very worthy and enjoyable bike

ive been riding big trailies now for 6 years and have to say that a 2nd hand strom ..with a little know how and minimum mods the biggest bargain in the motorcylcling world

ps i know that you have been tempted by the dark side ... be patiant and wait for mr honda

the 650 strom is a very surprising bike .....please dont knock it till youve ridden one ???

you must have been flying!! iwas going real fast when ipassed you

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