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The saga continues... (new and improved)

I screwed up a bit on these last 2 postings and the font colors are messed up again... if you are having trouble reading, change the "skin" at the bottom of the web page. "fish" seems to work best... sorry...

(oh... and I know how to spell motorcyclist... it's a typo )

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

I am aware that it has become difficult for me to keep track of the days. Things I did and saw yesterday seem like a week ago. I've had so many new experiences. Time is different on the road.

Saturday October 12th

The weather channel says snow is still coming, and everywhere I plan to go over the next couple of days is dark blue (cold), this however is a nice change from the usual green for rain.

At 7:30am it is dark and cold. 37 degrees, 23 with the wind chill. I pack Silver slowly, waiting for the sun to warm things up a bit. The plan today is US385 south to Northport/Bridgeport Nebraska, Check out Chimney Rock NHM, west to ScottsbluffNE then south on US71 to I80 west into CheyenneWyoming. I hit the road at 11am. It is 45 degrees.

The Black Hills of South Dakota are tremendous (the thesaurus is running out of new adjectives). As I leave them behind and enter the plains, I can see them rising in my rear view mirror. I have no words for how amazing this sight is.

Crossing the state line into Nebraska I can't help but smirk as I read the welcome sign. "Welcome to Nebraska, Home of Arbor Day."

Wow, now that is pretty impressive. It is a given that any state whose biggest claim to fame is it's birthing of Arbor Day is going to be pretty much a bore of a ride

is everything I've ever heard, namely, nothing. I thought I'd seen a lot of corn, I was wrong. On the straightest road I've ever been on (385 south, if you look at a map, it looks like someone drew it with a ruler) I am pulled over at 78 in a 65. Nebraska, the most boring state in the Union to drive through, also has the lowest speed limit in the west!

I'm cold as hell and heading due south to warmer climates and it's not like I'm doing 100. The State Troopers black Camaro passes me from the opposite direction and laser tags me WHILE WE ARE MOVING and I see him slowing for the u-turn. I pull over to wait for him (no sense pretending I didn't see him).

"License and registration please, NY, huh? Touring the country?"

He invites me back to his car to sit and warm up. This looks promising. I find out he and all his pals ride motorcycles while he runs my plates and license. He even keeps a pic of his bike on the dash! This looks very promising! My licence is clean. Trooper Clint seems like a nice enough guy, will I get off??? C'mon, for a fellow rider?

NAHHHHH! He writes me at 75, saving me $50, the ticket is $57 and I'll get a point in Nebraska. Ok, my first speeding ticket, after 5500 miles and all the times I got away with 100 plus, I figure I was due. Hey Clint, you still could have let me off!

One for mom...

The mood is good (I did get to warm up a bit) Clint takes a snapshot of me "assuming the position." He gives me some advice... it would be very bad to go over 65, his partners out there and he will write me as well. We trade emails and I am off again at the "I am going to fall asleep" speed of 63. Boring as all get out but my gas mileage goes WAY up.

At a gas stop in Bridgeport (getting an amazing 50 miles a gallon now) I'm told by the clerk that Chimney Rock is not as high as it used to be.

"Erosion?" I ask.

"Well, there is that, but the Army shot most of the top off of it for target practice back in the 40's." You have got to be kidding!

I pass Chimney Rock... not bad... but like Clint had said, "It's a rock sticking up out of the ground."

On to Scottsbluff. I find a little computer store called "Bytes" and am let in after closing time by my latest saviors, Chuck and Todd. At this point I have maxed out all of my memory cards (3/4's of a gig of memory) and need to download and burn. They set me up at a lightning fast Dell work station, (I have to admit, XP blows win98 off the map) supply me with all the blank CD-Rs I need and an hour and a half later I ready to hit the road. Chuck and Todd wont take a dime from me, I can't thank you guys enough... I trust you are well and great. So many wonderful people in this world.

It gives me hope.

... more good God work...

They have advised me to keep to the speed limit until I get to Kimball NE and catch I80. I cross the Wildcat Mountain Range with another amazing sunset on my right as I head south. The views are spectacular. Full dark now, I finally reach I80 and start making time west towards Cheyenne.

Windmill fields at sunset just North East of Cheyenne near the Nebraska/Wyoming State Line

At a BK rest stop for a hot bowl of chili to fend off the cold, I meet a young counter person from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn who can't wait to get back to NY. She is out here to take care of her mother and really hates it. She tell's me where I can find her later... and I forget the name of the place... ARRRGGGHHH!

In Cheyenne, Rose finds me a room at the Cheyenne Motel for $38 and my plan is to spend the evening writing in the journal.

I fail.


Seems there is a big MC Toy Run at a local bar and the call of fellow motorcycles passing outside every 2 minutes is irresistible.

I climb aboard Silver and follow the roar of Harley's to a cliche classic roadhouse called The Eagles Nest. The temperature has plummeted and is near freezing as I dismount to head in for a drink and some human contact.

Hey c'mon... ya get lonley on the road.
...and thirsty...

The temp drops fast...

The bar is packed with leather clad, bandana sporting... ahh well, you know the type... a band is pounding out classic rock and the mood is "festive biker". I have a shot and a beer and purchase a commemorative doo-rag to support the kids. The place is a sausage fest, The few women present are obviously spoken for so I take my leave and head back to the motel.

On the way back I spy a little place with a friendly looking crowd outside and it takes me all of two seconds to decide one more drink won't kill me.
Inside I am not unpleasantly surprised to hear the band playing swing!

I peruse the small room and spot... OK... this is not that kind of report so I'll just say I had a great night and I really enjoyed visiting Cheyenne Wyoming...

I get back to the room late (read 3am) and exhausted. (and with good reason)

Sleep comes immediately (Ok, I basicaly pass out).

Here endeth Update #4. Keep those e-mails of support coming and I'll get the next update out as soon as possible. I'd like to continue, but there is a cleaning lady trying to throw me out of the room... lol.

Health and happiness to you all... get out there and go after those dreams!

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