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high side slide ride
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I tend to adventure close to home. As a result I usually know right where I am. Trouble is, trouble comes, and I often am alone. I dont worry the moto breakdown much. Just a real pain till I can get help to drag it or fix it. But if I get broken, then time does matter.

The snow is deep here and I was crosscountry skiing last week. I knew exactly where I was. I was East of Hayden Lake, 1/2 mile E of Burnt Cabin Saddle. I came around a corner and spooked the biggest bull moose I have ever seen that wasnt stuffed.

He was laying in the trail and got up real upset, something about me nearly crashing into him. I remember seeing the snot flying and his ears layed back and hearing the crush of his hooves in the snow and then, he lowered his head and came for me. Thats about when I fell down trying to get turned around. As I was cursing myself for being such a spaz and falling down it dawned on me that this could wind up being very, very bad.
Thats when I heard my dogs tear into him. The two of them distracted him enough for me to get up and get enough distance that he couldnt see me very good any more. And there it became clear that he was standing his ground but not coming any closer. It also became clear that my cell phone was just expensive junk, and had he trompled me I would have been screwed. So the spot has been on my list of ideas.
moose hunting with motorcycle
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